gifts for grandparents

In getting gifts for grandparents this year, remember one important thing: More often than not, grandparents appreciate old-fashioned gifts more than trendy finds. Here are some gift ideas-including some of this year's hits-which may provide generous "elderly appeal."

Gifts for Grandma

Combined jewelry. One of the trendiest 2011 Christmas gifts for grandparents you might consider is combined jewelry, or mixed element jewelry pieces which combine both new and vintage pieces. Try finding classic vintage pieces online or at a second hand store, and add modern pieces to it to customize the look. A vintage chain with a modern locket that has a photo of the grandkids is a great idea!

Perfume. Try gifting Grandma with a classic scent that will complement her. Some popular scents for 2011 include Dior issimo by Christian Dior, or Bois de Iles by Chanel. These perfumes are modern re-issues of classic scents which were formulated between the 1920s to 1950s, so you can be sure these …